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Motivation, Travelling, and Illness

We’ve been pretty quiet on here since December. Suddenly it’s almost the end of January, and we’ve travelled out of Cambodia, through Vietnam, and into Hong Kong. So, why the silence? Well, it’s down to a few things. I bet you can guess them from the title of this blog post. Motivation. We aren’t motivated… Continue reading Motivation, Travelling, and Illness

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Bringing Home on Your Travels

The first time we visited Asia was the first time that I worried about travelling far from home. I’ve been to New York, but a six hour flight from the UK is very different to flying to Malaysia. I love to travel (hence, you know, the blog), but I was really, really nervous. Why? I… Continue reading Bringing Home on Your Travels

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Travel Blog Post Ideas to Keep You Writing…

It can be so hard to think of new post ideas for a blog, especially if you're doing what we are right now - which is saving hard. We're off to Turkey (woop!) this month - but until that trip gives us a new travel bonanza of blog post ideas, we find ourselves searching online… Continue reading Travel Blog Post Ideas to Keep You Writing…

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Frequently Asked Questions (that nobody asked us…)

Well, it can be hard to blog when you're saving. So, here's a list of FAQ's that nobody asked us - and long may it entertain! WHY DID YOU START YOUR OWN TRAVEL BLOG? We wanted to write about our travels – plain and simple! We have been travelling for a long time and had… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions (that nobody asked us…)

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Setting Travel Goals for 2019

We all have personal goals, and the new year seems like the best time to admit to them, begin them, and write them down. Though as a couple we have independent goals, we do have three main goals together for 2019: 1: Complete the Velo Birmingham. This is a 100 mile bicycle race, and we… Continue reading Setting Travel Goals for 2019

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5 Simple Luggage Swaps That Will Save You Money

We love having meals out, drinking coffee in beautiful coffee shops the world over (see our post here on Our Favourite Coffee Shops (Worldwide List!) However, that is not how money is best spent while travelling. So, we make allowances, and today we are going to share these with you! Here are five simple luggage… Continue reading 5 Simple Luggage Swaps That Will Save You Money

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The Budget Traveller’s Resource List

Travelling on a budget can be made easier with a few simple resources, so we have collected a few together to make your travel plans accessible! These are websites that we use ourselves, and are not adverts. - finding the cheapest flights is easy with this website, you can search for the cheapest month,… Continue reading The Budget Traveller’s Resource List

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A Snapshot of Berlin

When to Visit: Is there a bad time? No, not really. Berlin an exciting city full of great things to do - the season will only change your ability to some of those things a little. If you visit during the warmer months, you can cycle through the gorgeous Tiergarten and enjoy the amazing colours.… Continue reading A Snapshot of Berlin

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The Road Involuntarily Travelled…(how to survive travelling for work)

Long security queues, overpriced food and resentfully buying a bottle of water because you can’t bring your own onto a plane. Airports truly are magical places. Honestly I’ve always enjoyed flying. There are few things better to me than experiencing the anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve as Rach and I wait for a… Continue reading The Road Involuntarily Travelled…(how to survive travelling for work)

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What to Look for in a Travelling Backpack

Getting prepped for a long stint of travel? Buying all of the items that you need can be fun, but buying a travel rucksack/backpack is a serious business! This is going to be your best friend for your journey. It will be slept on, thrown around, stuffed to breaking point and shoved in tight compartments.… Continue reading What to Look for in a Travelling Backpack