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 A Slice of Pai

Sorry about the title of this post…it was irresistible. Oh Pai. We were unsure of whether to visit this tucked away town in the mountains, especially as we were told continuously that it was a ‘backpacker’s paradise’, and a ‘hippie dream’. In case you’re unsure, that means that it’s become very touristy. But then, we… Continue reading  A Slice of Pai

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Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

As I write this I'm sitting outside our hostel in Chiang Mai, drinking coffee. Yes, we're in Chiang Mai and it's only been 12 has that happened? Here's a brief breakdown of where we've been - more posts to follow on each. Bangkok: What's it like? Busy as heck. Imagine using every sense at… Continue reading Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

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A Snapshot of Marmaris – Turkey

When to Visit: First things first, you should know that this city is fairly touristy so it depends on what type of person you are. The weather will be hot in summer, cooler in spring but still warm – heck you know how seasons work. The difference will be in the amount of other people… Continue reading A Snapshot of Marmaris – Turkey

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Bringing Home on Your Travels

The first time we visited Asia was the first time that I worried about travelling far from home. I’ve been to New York, but a six hour flight from the UK is very different to flying to Malaysia. I love to travel (hence, you know, the blog), but I was really, really nervous. Why? I… Continue reading Bringing Home on Your Travels

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Travel Blog Post Ideas to Keep You Writing…

It can be so hard to think of new post ideas for a blog, especially if you're doing what we are right now - which is saving hard. We're off to Turkey (woop!) this month - but until that trip gives us a new travel bonanza of blog post ideas, we find ourselves searching online… Continue reading Travel Blog Post Ideas to Keep You Writing…

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Frequently Asked Questions (that nobody asked us…)

Well, it can be hard to blog when you're saving. So, here's a list of FAQ's that nobody asked us - and long may it entertain! WHY DID YOU START YOUR OWN TRAVEL BLOG? We wanted to write about our travels – plain and simple! We have been travelling for a long time and had… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions (that nobody asked us…)

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Keeping Your Creative Spark Alive While Saving

Saving to travel can be a bit relentless, especially if you are saving for a big trip. When you are also a travel blogger, it can be hard to keep that creative spark and passion for travel writing while you are waiting. So, here are our tips on how to keep that zing popping: Research:… Continue reading Keeping Your Creative Spark Alive While Saving

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Setting Travel Goals for 2019

We all have personal goals, and the new year seems like the best time to admit to them, begin them, and write them down. Though as a couple we have independent goals, we do have three main goals together for 2019: 1: Complete the Velo Birmingham. This is a 100 mile bicycle race, and we… Continue reading Setting Travel Goals for 2019

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts for 2018

2018 was a big year of saving for us! Our blog posts reflected that, and we tried to help others with their own blogging, writing, saving and prepping. 2019 is going to be a big travel year for us, which is exciting, so expect more posts geared toward places. Here is our countdown of our… Continue reading Our Top 10 Blog Posts for 2018

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How to Experience your Hometown like a Traveller

Saving from one base isn’t easy for a traveller – but it’s necessary when you stick to the old motto ‘Work-Save-Travel’. So, how can you make it easier? Experience your hometown like a traveller. You might have lived in your city since you were born, but we bet there are places that you haven’t yet… Continue reading How to Experience your Hometown like a Traveller