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Lopburi – Monkey City

On our way north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai we stopped at Ayutthaya and then moved on to Lopburi. Similarly to Ayutthaya, Lopburi is one of Thailands’ ancient capitals and contains ruins, museums and markets which all make it well worth a visit. This being said, it is also known colloquially as “monkey city” and,… Continue reading Lopburi – Monkey City

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Sweet Vegan Treats in Chiang Mai

Being vegan and vegetarian in Asia is not always easy – we’ve accidentally eaten meat gyoza in Beijing, pork in Northern Thailand, and found beef mince at the bottom of a lovely bowl of noodles in Malaysia. And that’s the savoury side – whether or not the delicious sweet treats we enjoy have gelatin or… Continue reading Sweet Vegan Treats in Chiang Mai

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Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

As I write this I'm sitting outside our hostel in Chiang Mai, drinking coffee. Yes, we're in Chiang Mai and it's only been 12 has that happened? Here's a brief breakdown of where we've been - more posts to follow on each. Bangkok: What's it like? Busy as heck. Imagine using every sense at… Continue reading Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

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How to Afford a Holiday When You’re Saving for Travel

As you know (if you’ve been following our blog and Instagram page) we are currently in saving mode. The problem with us is, we are big dreamers. I mean big dreamers. We would spend our whole week talking and fantasising about our travel plans if we could, and so, we find saving and working quite… Continue reading How to Afford a Holiday When You’re Saving for Travel