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Hiking The Monk’s Trail – A concise step-by-step guide

While in Chiang Mai we embarked on the Monk's Trail. The full Monk's Trail actually takes you to two temples - though it's easy to miss the second part of the hike if you don't know where you're going. This blog post will help you find your way to the top! Firstly you’ll reach Wat… Continue reading Hiking The Monk’s Trail – A concise step-by-step guide

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Lopburi – Monkey City

On our way north from Bangkok to Chiang Mai we stopped at Ayutthaya and then moved on to Lopburi. Similarly to Ayutthaya, Lopburi is one of Thailands’ ancient capitals and contains ruins, museums and markets which all make it well worth a visit. This being said, it is also known colloquially as “monkey city” and,… Continue reading Lopburi – Monkey City

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Being Polite in Asia

Asia is unlike Europe and the US in many ways. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it's important to educate ourselves on how behaviour needs to change in different cultures, so as not to offend locals. It might be normal to argue with voice raised in the western world, or indeed, to show… Continue reading Being Polite in Asia

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Sweet Vegan Treats in Chiang Mai

Being vegan and vegetarian in Asia is not always easy – we’ve accidentally eaten meat gyoza in Beijing, pork in Northern Thailand, and found beef mince at the bottom of a lovely bowl of noodles in Malaysia. And that’s the savoury side – whether or not the delicious sweet treats we enjoy have gelatin or… Continue reading Sweet Vegan Treats in Chiang Mai

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 A Slice of Pai

Sorry about the title of this post…it was irresistible. Oh Pai. We were unsure of whether to visit this tucked away town in the mountains, especially as we were told continuously that it was a ‘backpacker’s paradise’, and a ‘hippie dream’. In case you’re unsure, that means that it’s become very touristy. But then, we… Continue reading  A Slice of Pai

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Our Top 3 Things to do in Ayutthaya – Thailand

Ah Ayutthaya, we’ve all heard good things about you. The ancient capital of Siam, once one of the most modern and thriving cities in the entire world, brought to ruins by the Burmese in 1767. The small city is rich in history, and there’s plenty to do. You can take a day trip from Bangkok… Continue reading Our Top 3 Things to do in Ayutthaya – Thailand

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Someone Else’s Paradise

I learned a lot about myself the last few days. On Monday, when we were organising hiring a car to drive up to the mountains from Chiang Mai, I was nervous. Nervous because I have seen people drive in Thailand, and though I’m used to driving on the left side of the road (UK, oh… Continue reading Someone Else’s Paradise

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Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

As I write this I'm sitting outside our hostel in Chiang Mai, drinking coffee. Yes, we're in Chiang Mai and it's only been 12 has that happened? Here's a brief breakdown of where we've been - more posts to follow on each. Bangkok: What's it like? Busy as heck. Imagine using every sense at… Continue reading Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

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How to Navigate Bangkok

We have a problem. It’s what some would call being cheap, it’s what we would call saving money and exploring. But here’s the thing – you can’t walk everywhere. And, when you’re carrying a rucksack on your front and your back, in 33 degree heat, having not slept in 24 hours, something has to give.… Continue reading How to Navigate Bangkok

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Travel Until the Money’s Gone…Day One

Flight: Flybe Birmingham to Dusseldorf; Delayed due to aeroplane with broken bits. Eurowings Dusseldorf to Bangkok; Very uncomfortable flight. Turns out that in-flight entertainment wasn’t included in the ticket price so would be an additional 10 euros each to be able to watch films. Luckily the movie selection on offer was very poor and so… Continue reading Travel Until the Money’s Gone…Day One