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5 Things to do in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is the capital of Laos. But, unlike most capital cities that you’ll encounter, it feels more like a large town. This is nice for those of you that enjoy walking as, though tuk tuks are readily available, you can walk to pretty much every site worth seeing if you’ve the time and inclination. We… Continue reading 5 Things to do in Vientiane, Laos

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A Snapshot of Marmaris – Turkey

When to Visit: First things first, you should know that this city is fairly touristy so it depends on what type of person you are. The weather will be hot in summer, cooler in spring but still warm – heck you know how seasons work. The difference will be in the amount of other people… Continue reading A Snapshot of Marmaris – Turkey

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A Snapshot of London

When to Visit: There is no bad time. Winter in the UK is fairly long (or maybe it just feels that way?), so you can assume that from September to March you will get chilly. If you are after warm weather go for June to August, but remember – the UK cannot promise sunshine! How… Continue reading A Snapshot of London

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Top Ten Things To Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

This was a post I found myself searching for before our trip to Vilnius, Lithuania. Now that we have been and come back - it seems only right to share our top ten tips with you! 1: Learn the history. The KGB museum should be your first stop. Warning: this is not an easy visit.… Continue reading Top Ten Things To Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

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A Snapshot of Berlin

When to Visit: Is there a bad time? No, not really. Berlin an exciting city full of great things to do - the season will only change your ability to some of those things a little. If you visit during the warmer months, you can cycle through the gorgeous Tiergarten and enjoy the amazing colours.… Continue reading A Snapshot of Berlin

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A Snapshot of Kuala Lumpur

This is an exciting snapshot for us to write, because it is all about one of our favourite cities in the world, Kuala Lumpur. Within this city you have it all, the best food, the best drinks, and some sweet jazz for your ears. Truly, Kuala Lumpur is home to some amazing experiences. Read on… Continue reading A Snapshot of Kuala Lumpur

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A Snapshot of Amsterdam

Amsterdam! The place that some call ‘The City of Sin’…well, it isn’t that in our opinion. It is a city filled with beauty, from incredible listed houses that line the canals, to collections of art that will astound you. Let’s dig a little deeper… When to Visit: Is there a bad time to visit Amsterdam?… Continue reading A Snapshot of Amsterdam

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A Snapshot of New York

Here’s a snapshot I have wanted to write for a while, because New York is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. Let’s go! (Quick note – there is a plethora of information about NYC. This is written assuming that you already know that it would be awesome to go to the ‘Top… Continue reading A Snapshot of New York

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Our First Year of Travel Blogging

The Year in Review We started our travel blog on 29th May 2017, after a visit to the incredible Lake Garda and Verona, Italy. We have been travelling together for almost six years, and have been ‘meaning to’ start our travel blog for as long. So what suddenly gave us the push to set it… Continue reading Our First Year of Travel Blogging

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A Snapshot of Sofia

We’ve been to Sofia a couple of times now and we love it. At a glance, the city may appear to be in a state of disrepair. Many buildings require re-plastering and repainting and the pavements are peppered with potholes. The architecture displays the tell-tale brutalism of a former soviet state but this isn’t to… Continue reading A Snapshot of Sofia