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Motivation, Travelling, and Illness

We’ve been pretty quiet on here since December. Suddenly it’s almost the end of January, and we’ve travelled out of Cambodia, through Vietnam, and into Hong Kong. So, why the silence? Well, it’s down to a few things. I bet you can guess them from the title of this blog post.

Motivation. We aren’t motivated to write at the moment. It is genuinely difficult travelling day to day, and then putting aside time to write. Blogging takes full days out of your schedule, and when you don’t get anything in return for that time, you get a little de-motivated. We’ve also had a tight schedule. We couldn’t get a visa for Vietnam over 15 days, so had no time there to take a day out to write. But, we knew that once we arrived in Hong Kong (here for 26 days), we would have more time. Unfortunately, a couple of days before we left Hanoi I (Rachel) came down with food poisoning. When we arrived in Hong Kong, I was still recovering, and then BANG came the flu. Now, I know what you’re thinking – but no, it wasn’t the Wuhan Virus. It put me in bed for about a week though. And then, just when we were getting ready to explore, write and be generally badass again, came a protest in our area, and the Wuhan Virus hit Hong Kong. It does feel like of all the times we could have chosen to come to Hong Kong, this was one of the worst. And, to be honest, I’m really scared. So, yes, we have been silent. Blame travel, and wanting to curl up in bed with the covers over our heads until this all blows over. Hopefully we’ll get back to writing normally very soon, and usual service will be resumed.

1 thought on “Motivation, Travelling, and Illness”

  1. Yikes! Take care and only write when you want to. I love travel blogging but have zero interest in doing in while I travel. I want to totally be in the moment and not worry about timelines or grammar or tech issues. Be safe and know your blog followers will wait for you!

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