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Sweet Vegan Treats in Chiang Mai

Being vegan and vegetarian in Asia is not always easy – we’ve accidentally eaten meat gyoza in Beijing, pork in Northern Thailand, and found beef mince at the bottom of a lovely bowl of noodles in Malaysia. And that’s the savoury side – whether or not the delicious sweet treats we enjoy have gelatin or dairy in them is really hard to tell. So, when we were wandering from Chiang Mai old town to the hip Nimmanhaemin road last week in 30+ degree heat (why we continue to walk everywhere just to save 30 baht is beyond me), seeing a plant-based donut sign on the horizon was akin to angels singing.

The Donut Café & Delivery is certainly a haven from the heat, and each time we visited stepping into the cool air-conditioned café has been a relief. Not to mention, it’s very aesthetically pleasing in there (check out our gallery at the bottom of the page to see what we’re talking about). Anyway, let’s get on to the more important subject: plant-based donuts. If you were worried that saying goodbye to dairy might mean you are giving up on chocolate and other milk based flavours, fret not – they’ve got an array of treats to suit your pallet. From the classic cinnamon (an awesome flavour to dunk into your coffee), to the Boston Cream (well-known to a US audience I’m sure, but we had to look this one up!), there’s enough to keep you and your donut eating friends happy. They don’t appear to have a menu on their website currently…but check out their Instagram and Facebook if you’re looking for the full options (@thedonutcafe_delivery).


Over a couple of visits we’ve tasted the Raspberry Bourbon, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Lemon Poppy. My personal favourite was the Lemon Poppy, reminiscent of biting into a classic crepe filled with lemon and sugar, summers in France, warm European breakfasts (sorry – I must be a little homesick). Daniel, being the peanut butter fiend he is, would opt for the Peanut Butter and Jelly time and time again – a beautiful balance of savoury and sweet, with the subtly salted drizzle complementing the sugary jelly icing perfectly. Writing this is making me really hungry – lucky they do delivery.


We had a brief chat with Jason, the owner, on our last visit. All the staff are friendly, and Jason has some great plans for the business. We’d recommend you visit, sooner rather than later though, and that way you can say ‘I ate donuts at the original café’, and – a bit like all those people who watched Alt J play in a pub before they hit the big time – everyone will be suitably impressed.

This review was sponsored by donuts.


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