Thailand, Year of Travel

Slow Tourism Done Quickly…

As I write this I’m sitting outside our hostel in Chiang Mai, drinking coffee. Yes, we’re in Chiang Mai and it’s only been 12 days…how has that happened? Here’s a brief breakdown of where we’ve been – more posts to follow on each.


What’s it like? Busy as heck. Imagine using every sense at 99% constantly. We didn’t love it in Bangkok, we found it a little stressful. But, that could be down to other factors too…like still coming down from two weeks packing up our lives and saying goodbye to loved ones.

From Bangkok to Ayutthaya (by train, super easy and only 14 Baht each!)

Ayutthaya was a welcome break from the hectic streets of Bangkok. We found vegan and vegetarian options in many places, which is surprising as that eluded us in the capital. The ruins are outstanding – the history is fascinating. We loved it.

From Ayutthaya to Lopburi (train, another easy, very cheap, journey)

Lopburi is known as ‘monkey town’. You can guess why. Monkey’s take over half of the town. This is a small place well suited to our ‘walk everywhere’ sensibilities. We enjoyed the temples, but most of all the palace. There was a night market that knocked our socks off (i.e. we enjoyed it).

Lopburi to Chiang Mai (10.5 hour train journey)

We have heard great things about Chiang Mai and we were itching to get there. We took the train in the day time (apparently if you want a night train and a sleeper you have to book at least 8 days in advance…that was never going to happen). We were pleased that we took the day train though, the views were amazing and watching the rice fields turn into mountains was amazing.

So far in Chiang Mai we have walked the monk’s trail to Wat Pha Lat – the most beautiful temple we have seen yet. Photograph’s don’t do it justice. Being there is so calming. Now we are trying to relax into Chiang Mai life a little – time to slow down this speedy trip! After all, we have some time.

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