Thailand, Year of Travel

Travel Until the Money’s Gone…Day One

Flybe Birmingham to Dusseldorf; Delayed due to aeroplane with broken bits.
Eurowings Dusseldorf to Bangkok; Very uncomfortable flight. Turns out that in-flight entertainment
wasn’t included in the ticket price so would be an additional 10 euros each to be able to watch films.
Luckily the movie selection on offer was very poor and so the temptation to splurge on this was
We arrived in Bangkok at 6am local time but couldn’t check into our accommodation until 2pm so
decided to take out backpacks and look around the city for a while. We got the airport express line
to Phraya Thai and, without checking first, assumed that the last stop of the airport express line
would basically be in the centre of the city. So, we got off and explored the local area.
Noting, on our walk, that there were a few places offering to hold your bag for the day for 100 Baht,
we decided to continue walking. After all, we were trying to make the money last and agreed that a
little discomfort shouldn’t get in the way of that.
About 45 minutes later after; sweating considerably, eating some rice and having a coffee, then
walking some more, we concluded that we’d not succeeded in packing as light as initially thought
and that actually, 100 Baht for the day was a pretty good idea.
Dropping the bags made it a lot easier to enjoy having just arrived in a new city and allowed us to set
off exploring. We sourced a map from a hostel and started walking. Unfortunately, as we had been
up for over 24 hours at this point, Rachel allowed me to navigate. Naturally we got lost.
Enter from stage left, our hero.
To begin with this older gentleman remarked that we were very tall and then introduced himself as a
teacher from the local high school. Asking the usual questions; how long have you been here? Where
are you headed? He took our map from us and started scrawling on it and telling us the various
opening and closing times of different sites and dispensing invaluable advice as to how much a tuk
tuk should cost, the fact that it was a public holiday and certain things were therefore free…
including, apparently, petrol and beer (?). We now realised we were engaged in a sales pitch and
took our map back. Then, as if by magic, a tuk tuk appeared and our hero suggested that we should
get into it and he’d show us around, taking us to all of the amazing places that locals know but trip
advisor doesn’t.
Politely we said ‘No thanks’ and started to walk away. Instantly our hero said:
“You must be stupid, you are stupid. F**k you! F**k you! F**k you!”
He then hopped onto the back of the magic tuk tuk, drove forward about 100 meters and stopped
slightly behind another guy with a backpack. He hopped off, the tuk tuk parked and he engaged the
guy with a backpack in conversation by exclaiming “You’re very tall.”
We walked on, towards and past the hero and tried to catch the backpacker’s eye to shake our
heads and provide a warning. Luckily, our fellow backpacker wasn’t giving our hero any response to
all his questions and was left alone.
About 10 minutes later, still lost (thanks to my map reading) and standing on a bridge over a canal
wondering why it wasn’t a road into a park, I heard a noise from behind.

“You’re very tall…”

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