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A Snapshot of Marmaris – Turkey

A snapshot of....

When to Visit:
First things first, you should know that this city is fairly touristy so it depends on what type of person you are. The weather will be hot in summer, cooler in spring but still warm – heck you know how seasons work. The difference will be in the amount of other people around. If you are anything like us, and you like to read a good book and go to bed at a fairly normal time in silence, we would recommend going before schools break up, or after. Otherwise you’re in for a loud time. That might be your thing – who knows?

How to Get Around:
Walking is easy. We walked everywhere. You can get a bus too, but the whole place can be walked in around an hour.

Where to Stay:
You aren’t short of options, but we would recommend checking out reviews before you go. We stayed in a four star hotel, and found ourselves saying ‘Four star? Really?’ – That’s from people who never stay at hotels.

Don’t Miss:
Turtle beach! Worth the day trip and more. We saw turtles, and that cannot be beat.

Where to Eat:
Again, you won’t be short of choices, but weirdly we found it very difficult to actually find Turkish food. Marmaris is geared toward holiday seekers, and that’s resulted in westernised food nearly everywhere. We headed toward the harbour for some Turkish sides that we ordered on mass – that created a nice Turkish tapas situation.

Where to Drink Coffee:
Forget your morning flat white, and head to the old town for some real Turkish coffee. It’ll set you back less than a pound and it is strong. That’s what you need.

Market Day:
What are you in the market for? If clothes and jewellery you just need to take a skip through the main strip, and you’ll have no issue. But, for the Turkish experience we recommend going shopping at the local Thursday food market. It’s tricky to find so get your Google maps out. We bought some spices to bring home.

A Museum Not to Miss:
Pay to go in to the Marmaris Castle, if only for the views. They also have some very interesting artefacts within the stone walls, and the castle sits within the hills of old town, which is very beautiful.

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