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Travel Blog Post Ideas to Keep You Writing…

It can be so hard to think of new post ideas for a blog, especially if you’re doing what we are right now – which is saving hard. We’re off to Turkey (woop!) this month – but until that trip gives us a new travel bonanza of blog post ideas, we find ourselves searching online for tips. And then we realised – hang on, we have posted an endless amount in our time, so really we should be the ones giving other people ideas. Here you go! May it help in your own travel writing.

The How To:

If you have been travelling for a long time – you’re going to have some special insight that others may not have. So, a ‘How To’ is a great way to share some of that knowledge. For example, here are a few ideas:

How to Save Money for Travel

How to Travel with Children

How to Pack Light 

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

How to Make the Most of Your Travel Time

How to Find the Best Rated Restaurants

How to Get Treated Like a Local

How to Get An Upgrade on a Flight

How to Meet People While Travelling

The Review:

Where have you been and what did you do there? Tell your audience your favourite trips and give them your individualised advice.

The Social Media Guide:

People struggle with social media daily. Seriously – the Insta algorithm, getting lost on Twitter, understanding Facebook – it’s a mess of interaction. If you have made your blog popular online, do everyone a favour and explain how. People want to know, seriously.

The Photograph Diary:

A quick, easy win for a blog post. Like Instagram but on your blog – share your photo collection from a trip and let others enjoy.

The Top Ten:

From the Top Ten Places to Eat in New York to the Top Ten Sights in Florence, this can be moulded to anything – and it’s super easy to read on a bus so your readers will be able to enjoy without giving up their lunch break.



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