Travel Tips

Setting Travel Goals for 2019

We all have personal goals, and the new year seems like the best time to admit to them, begin them, and write them down. Though as a couple we have independent goals, we do have three main goals together for 2019:

1: Complete the Velo Birmingham. This is a 100 mile bicycle race, and we are raising money for Alzheimer’s Society and Birmingham hospitals. We are currently in training and it is not easy – but, we are determined to complete it in May. Also, all that cycling and training will get us much fitter for our second 2019 goal…

2: Travel travel travel. Yep, and it is more specific than that. We are cooking up a big plan to be revealed soon…

3: Save money for number 2! We have worked hard the last year or so and saved a lot, but extra ways we are saving this year include no longer buying coffees out (tricky one), not buying new clothes, and enjoying the things that we currently have.

So – when it comes to setting your own travel goals for 2019, what’s the best way to begin?

Our main tip is: think with your head and not your heart.

What do we mean by that? Well, it’s really nice to think that in the next six months you could pack up work and travel away for a year. That’s a lovely thought. But, if that is actually something you would like to do, and you have a mortgage and a job, you cannot actually up and leave without some careful planning and considered saving. You may have a ‘f**k off fund’ – something that you have saved up for any eventuality, or, perhaps you have an incredibly well paid job that means you can actually leave and travel for a year without making too many allowances for saving. Most people however do have to save to travel. So, have you decided that 2019 is the year of travel? Awesome – just plan how you’ll get there first. How much money do you need? Who do you need to tell? What’s the notice period at work like? What will you do about all of your stuff? Whatever 2019 plans you have, think with your head. Bursting onto the travel scene with a packed bag and limited supply of funds will land you back home quicker than you expected.

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