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Our Top 10 Blog Posts for 2018

2018 was a big year of saving for us! Our blog posts reflected that, and we tried to help others with their own blogging, writing, saving and prepping. 2019 is going to be a big travel year for us, which is exciting, so expect more posts geared toward places. Here is our countdown of our most popular posts for the year:

Tips for Starting Your Travel Blog

A post full of tips to help you begin your own blog. We love travel blogging – the world would be great with more bloggers so get going!

Things We Wish We Had Known Before Travelling Europe by Interrail

Our second most popular post is tips for travelling Europe by train. We did this for three months, and learned some vital information about the way the system works, so if you are planning on doing the same, take a peek.

Behind the Scenes of our Travel Blog and Instagram

We like to be completely honest in our blog and on our Instagram page – we don’t travel constantly and we work hard saving money to travel. Soon we hope to be travelling permanently!

Personal vs Business Instagram

Personally, I (Rachel) found it tricky when deciding which account to use on Instagram. This basically details what works for us, and what may work for you.

Our Top Five Gift Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Funnily enough – this is a blog post I kept searching for myself this time last year! I couldn’t find one that helped me, so I wrote my own. Looking for gift ideas for the travel blogger in your life? Check it out!

Could the Perfect Shot Ruin your Perfect Trip?

Basically – how to travel with a photographer!

Our Favourite Travelling Recipe – with photos!

We love dumplings, jiaozi, gyoza – whatever you fancy calling them. Here’s our recipe for making your own.

Our Top Ten Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is great for following other travellers and bloggers – here is our countdown of following recommendations.

How Instagram Travel Accounts Travel Permanently

This blog post actually bought the most traffic in one day to our site. Here’s a hint – there isn’t a shortcut to travelling permanently.

​6 Simple Tips for Saving Money for Travel

How to prioritise travel and save money for the thing you want most!


We hope you enjoyed our blog in 2018. Keep reading in 2019!

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