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Top Ten Things To Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

This was a post I found myself searching for before our trip to Vilnius, Lithuania. Now that we have been and come back – it seems only right to share our top ten tips with you!

1: Learn the history.

The KGB museum should be your first stop. Warning: this is not an easy visit. It is tough going, upsetting and doesn’t shy away from the terrible things that took place in Vilnius over the last hundred years. But this history is recent, and should be learned. The cells are difficult to view and there is a wealth of history and many stories within their walls. Entry is €4 – no excuse not to go.

2: Frank Zappa.

After this, it’s time to take a cheerier trip to the Frank Zappa Memorial. Lithuanians love Frank Zappa so much that they had this made especially – he never even visited himself!

3: Honey donuts.

Opposite the Frank Zappa Memorial is a fantastic Jewish bakery. There you can get lots of different types of delicious snacks – we recommend the Honey donuts. Delightful and subtlety sweet.

4: Time for coffee.

You know us, and no trip would be complete without a coffee stop at a speciality coffee house. Strange Love is probably the best coffee shop in Vilnius – head there for your flat white cravings.

5: Ring some bells.

Visit the bell tower on the edge of the old town for some actual bell ringing time, and if you’re brave enough head up the stairs for one heck of a view.

6: Local lunchtime.

Eat like a local – head to the indoor Halle Market for some potato’s stuffed with cream cheese (otherwise known as cepelinai).

7: See the sights.

There’s a lot of beautiful architecture in Vilnius. Start with the Gates of Dawn, and keep on exploring.

8: Time for a drink.

Wine time? Go to the small wine bar on Pylimo street in the old town, where you will be able to buy all sorts of treats, including this 72% Slovakian tea. Not for the faint hearted.

9: Clad yourself in Amber.

Vilnius is known for it’s Amber – it isn’t cheap, but it is beautiful, and there are shops and museums everywhere dedicated to the stone.

10: Explore the old streets.

The old town is renowned for being one of the most beautiful in Europe. There are plenty of small streets to wind your way down, so take a wander.

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