Travel Tips

How to Experience your Hometown like a Traveller

Saving from one base isn’t easy for a traveller – but it’s necessary when you stick to the old motto ‘Work-Save-Travel’. So, how can you make it easier? Experience your hometown like a traveller.

You might have lived in your city since you were born, but we bet there are places that you haven’t yet visited. Jazz bars could have opened up, architecture you have never paid attention to could be towering over your head. It takes effort to see a well-known place in a new light – so here are some tips on how to do just that:

Tourist Information

Sound odd for a place you know well? Well, maybe. But here is where you will find leaflets for all the local attractions you may not know about – and, you won’t have to grab a map either.

Trip Advisor

For those new haunts, Trip Advisor is the way to go. Keep your eyes peeled and look up from your phone when walking through your hometown – if there’s a new place being built before you, notice when it opens. Ask friends for their favourite places to go.

Stay Cultured

When you are local to an area it’s easy to forget the beautiful galleries that are there. But remember, galleries and museums have amazing events and exhibitions on all the time, and just because you visited once when you were ten, it doesn’t mean you have fully experienced it. What’s something you do when you visit a new place? You take advantage of the fascinating history and exhibits – do the same in your town!

Parks and Rec

Experience the city for the first time by taking a simple walk. Get rid of those errands, just take a day to enjoy your hometown properly – walk through the parks, keep your eyes upwards and notice the architecture. Fall in love with your city in the same way you would a far flung area of the globe.


What are your tips for seeing your home in a new way?

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