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100 Mile Bike Ride Challenge

Daniel and I are not cyclists. Yes, we love cycling, but we are certainly not the lycra clad road bike owners you might see on a 100 mile bike ride. However, we have signed up to take part in the Velo Birmingham & Midlands bike ride on the 12th May 2019. That means a lot of training, hard work and, of course, the bike ride. We are doing this to raise money for both the Alzheimer’s Society (Rachel) and Birmingham hospitals (Daniel). We may write some blog posts about training, which will include travel to cycle long distances, and we would really appreciate your support. Any donation is hugely welcome! Click the link to donate:


Thank you.

2 thoughts on “100 Mile Bike Ride Challenge”

  1. The husband has entered the lottery for the Prudential Ride London 100 and when it opens, I’ll do the same for the 46. We have scheduled our visit to England/Wales so that our final weekend will be in London for the event. If we don’t get it through the lottery, we hope to be able to get in via a charity slot. I hope to be blogging about it in several months. Good luck with your training and fundraising!


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