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Dining in the Dark – What They Don’t Tell You


Having been on the Dining in the Dark experience twice (once in Kuala Lumpur, and once in Berlin), you could call me a fan – after all, I ventured down that dark staircase twice. Here’s what to expect, if you’re planning a visit!

It’s Dark:

Well yeah, obviously. But, we’re not talking the darkness at night in your bedroom, oh no. We are talking so dark that the claustrophobia you never knew you had might rear its little head. You cannot see your hand in front of your face, let alone find a spoon. But fret not – the waiting staff are so fantastic at helping you to your table, and showing you how to find cutlery, and explaining what is happening – that you will quickly forget any worries about the darkness.

It’s an unusual feeling not knowing how big a room is, or where you are sitting within it. However, it’s quite an opportunity to experience this sensation – and we would definitely recommend it.

What flavour is that again?

You don’t get to choose what you are eating, and all is a surprise (they have vegetarian options), so you are really going to put your tasting powers to the test. And that, is difficult. Apparently the only flavour that I can single out is garlic, in any meal. Pre-warning – prepare yourself with the language to describe your food! Also, I can usually make a glass of wine last throughout a meal, but not so in the dark – I had absolutely no idea how far down my glass I had gotten. Best order that bottle.

Dining in the Dark is now available in cities the world over – so why not give it a go?

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