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5 Simple Luggage Swaps That Will Save You Money

We love having meals out, drinking coffee in beautiful coffee shops the world over (see our post here on Our Favourite Coffee Shops (Worldwide List!)

However, that is not how money is best spent while travelling. So, we make allowances, and today we are going to share these with you! Here are five simple luggage swaps that can help you save money on your trips:

  1. A coffee a day is a treat indeed, but in a coffee shop it can really add up to around £40 a month. So, if you want to save that money, pack yourself some freeze dried coffee, tea bags…whatever it is that you enjoy! A simple swap can give you the caffeine hit you need, without the cost.
  2. To go with the above, grab yourself a hard wearing cup that attaches to your bag. That way, you can enjoy that coffee on the beach in the mornings. (By the way – we know it won’t be the same as enjoying coffee out – but it will make those moments all the more special.) Meal Ideas for a Single Burner Camping Stove
  3. Buy a filtered water bottle. It isn’t safe to drink water from the tap everywhere, and these fantastic bottles filter even lake water – putting a stop to having to buy bottles, so you can save the environment and your hard earned cash! IMG_20180421_091007
  4. Take opportunities for sandwich making. This might sound odd, but when you’re at a breakfast buffet (free with a hostel room, perhaps), take the chance to make a sandwich for later. If you want to travel for longer, those small changes will make all the difference. It might seem like a couple of pounds saved on lunch won’t have an impact, but if that’s a daily spend, it really will.
  5. Learn some cheap travel hacks that’ll save you money – such as, using toothpaste on mosquito bites works wonders, soap can be used as shampoo, and if you want some more – we have some great ones here – Handy Travel Hacks 

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