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A Snapshot of Berlin

A snapshot of....

When to Visit:

Is there a bad time? No, not really. Berlin an exciting city full of great things to do – the season will only change your ability to some of those things a little. If you visit during the warmer months, you can cycle through the gorgeous Tiergarten and enjoy the amazing colours.

How to Get Around:

That depends on your personal preference – there is a metro that is easy to use and very quick. However, if you’re like us, you’ll choose a faithful bicycle for your adventure. Read our blog post about cycling in Berlin here!

Don’t Miss:

The Cold War walking tour. Having been on it twice, we can thoroughly recommend it – it is reasonably priced and will give you a vital snapshot into the city you are visiting. Berlin is, obviously, packed with history. There are so many walking tours to be experienced, so you can really take your pick. Most of them meet at the central station.

Where to Eat:

There are so many fantastic restaurants in Berlin, but for an experience that cannot be beat, book yourself a breakfast at the Reichstag. It is around £60 – not cheap, but you get a great spread, not to mention an incredible view. But, be aware that you have to book ahead, take a passport, and arrive early. It’s a fancy treat!

Where to Drink Coffee:

Again, there are so many great options for speciality coffee. In fact, we would recommend visiting this great post and checking them all out – Take me to good coffee!

For Book Lovers:

Head to the second hand book stall at Humboldt University. The site is near to where books were burnt by the Nazi regime. When I bought a book there I felt as though I was doing a small thing to undo or make a stance against a terrible part of history – you may feel the same.

For Lovers of History:

It’s not an easy visit, but the German Historical Museum is worth taking half a day out for. Again, it isn’t easy, it is tough going and can be distressing. Make sure you plan something nice for afterwards – after all, Berlin has a lot to offer!

Market Day:

Oh there are many markets to be visited – here’s a great post about it: Market Day!

For Graffiti Fans:

Go to the Berlin wall, the East Side Gallery, for some historical and incredible graffiti.

What are your favourite things to do in Berlin?

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