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How to Afford a Holiday When You’re Saving for Travel

As you know (if you’ve been following our blog and Instagram page) we are currently in saving mode. The problem with us is, we are big dreamers. I mean big dreamers. We would spend our whole week talking and fantasising about our travel plans if we could, and so, we find saving and working quite tough! If we don’t have a holiday planned, even if we are saving for a big-un (like now), we feel really hard done by. After all, that saving has got to go toward some sort of adventure, right?
And so, we have two awesome holidays booked for the next six months. Hooray! We are heading to Lithuania for a long weekend of chilly market walking and hot toddy drinking, and to Turkey for a week of scuba diving and basking in the sunshine. Here’s how you can do the same – travel while you’re saving money:
Take advantage of your situation

If you don’t have any dependants you can travel at unusual times. If you do have dependants, think about who might be able to give you a hand, to allow you to travel at unusual times. Because that’s how you travel for cheap – you stay up until 3am to catch an awkward flight, you fly on a Wednesday morning, and come back the next Tuesday. Take advantage of the deals that others aren’t able to book because of school holidays etc.
Put your faith in the internet

The internet is your friend when it comes to finding cheap flights. If you’re like us, you don’t care where you are going – as long as you are going. We use Skyscanner often, because they have the fantastic options of flying ‘everywhere’ and in the ‘cheapest month’. This means that you will be faced with the cheapest possible flights, and it’s a little like spinning the roulette wheel – where are you heading, and when? This is how we got a great deal for our Lithuania flights. Have a little play on Skyscanner once a week – you could find an amazing trip waiting for you.
Another great option is Teletext holidays. If you remember Teletext (hey, us too!), you’ll know that it used to be something you would watch on your telly, waiting for the holiday section to swing back around. However, now Teletext is online, and they have surprising deals. We are going to Turkey with them, and we got an amazing hotel (not our usual budget style) that we cannot wait to stay in.
Another great way to book is by using travel agents. Our wonderful trip to Thailand last year – staying in a gorgeous Thai bungalow on the beach in Koh Samui at a four star resort, with breakfast included (and what a breakfast it was) for two weeks was £800 each – flights included. That is a ridiculous price. We managed to do it by paying it off monthly too, just what we could afford to pay, and as we booked it well in advance, we didn’t feel the tug on the purse strings too much.
If you fancy a week away but you don’t want to go into a hostel, Airbnb has great options. Sharing a flat is something that we have done often, and for a fraction of the price of a hotel, have stayed in city centre apartments with kitchens that allow us to eat in, and save more money. The savings are there – it’s about being sensible and careful, and searching for the perfect break.

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