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Blogger Burnout

We’ve slowed down a little on the blog posts and Instagram posts of late. You may have noticed, you may have not, and it’s quite frustrating for us be suffering from ‘blogger burnout’. Gone are the days of two blog posts a week and three photos on Instagram a day. Now one post a day seems a more appropriate output, and the blog posts have gone to…well, dwindled to when we have an idea only. So, what has happened?

Blogger burnout is essentially running out motivation and drive for your blog. There are some great blog posts about it online (check out this one especially: How To Get Through Blogger Burnout).

Here are the facts. Since our blog started we have worked out little butts off! We have been to conferences, travel far and wide, photographed everything from our favourite recipes to our favourite cities and have written over 65 blog posts aimed at helping others with their own travel blogs, travel life, and more. So why lose motivation to keep going? Well, we have been saving for a long time for something big (not to be shared yet – but coming soon), and it feels quite tough to keep coming up with ideas when we are in saving mode. We wish we were travelling all of the time – that would doubtlessly inspire us to write more and more. However, we have talked about the impossibility of this previously (How Instagram Travel Accounts Travel Permanently), and so, please don’t mind us while we take a moment to rest our travel blogging minds. If you have any great tips for overcoming blogging burnout, please send them our way!




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