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How Instagram Travel Accounts Travel Permanently

Previously on our website we have posted a ‘Behind the Scenes’ of our Instagram and Blog, which you can read here. This morning I was interested to see Buzzfeed post an article about new research that shows Instagram is having negative effects on mental health and psychology – well, this is something we already know can happen. Portraying the ‘perfect life’ online can of course have a negative impact on anyone who is striving for perfection, and it can leave people feeling as bad as worthless. This is why we want to give full clarity behind our Instagram page and blog, and why we are writing this post today to let you in on some information that just might change your view of travel Insta-accounts.

Here’s the truth – for the last three years I (Rachel) have worked two jobs, while doing a full time PhD. I have saved every penny I can, only shopping in charity shops, being careful with food shops, and cutting and dying my own hair, for travel (you can read saving tips here, if that’s what you’re looking for). The photos that you see on our Instagram? Those shots are the result of a lot of hard work, and are well earned breaks, as opposed to full time travel. We get messages occasionally asking us how we make money. Well, we make money like most people do, we work for it.

Therein lies the myth and danger of Instagram. From seeing endless photographs of ‘clean food’, ‘perfect’ bodies, and endless travel, one could be forgiven for taking this at face value.

So, you clicked on this link to see how Instagram travel accounts travel permanently, and I don’t blame you, because that’s what we want too. Isn’t that what everyone wants, a permanent holiday? Though I’ve shared this quote before, I’m going to share it again because it feels so relevant:

 ‘To see the psychic importance of work, one need look no further than people who travel the world on family money…talk to them, and they’ll tell you they’re searching for something “meaningful.” What they’re really looking for, however, is the reason why they started travelling in the first place. Because they have never worked for their freedom, their travel experiences have no personal reference – no connection to the rest of their lives. They are spending plenty of time and money on the road, but they never spent enough of themselves to begin with. Thus, their experience of travel has a diminished sense of value.’ – Rolt Potts – ‘Vagabonding’

Here’s a secret: those people who appear to be travelling endlessly are one of two types of people – wealthy, or working hard behind the scenes. It’s safe to assume that it is always the latter. There are ways of working abroad (for an article that could help you: click here ) and if you want to give off that endless travel impression on Instagram, finding work that you can do anywhere in the world is the way to go. Do not strive for the endless holiday, because it doesn’t really exist. As for us, we work and save and then travel. Any quiet lulls in our sharing is because we are working, not travelling. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming of it, every day. So how do Instagram travel accounts travel permanently? They work for it. 




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