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Our Travel Bucket List (Inspiration for your own!)

Ah the travel bucket list, something that we add to all the time. We have been so lucky in our adventures to date, and have done some incredible things. We have bathed baby elephants in Malaysia, and trekked through the world’s oldest tropical rainforest (Taman Negara). We have seen the pyramids in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, and climbed the Great Wall of China. We have swam in waterfalls in Thailand, explored the Colosseum in Rome, and taken flight in a racing hot air balloon in France. Not to mention our recent vineyard tour, which was a bucket list tick in itself! And despite all these incredible adventures (so many not mentioned), there is still much to do. Travel is a glorious endeavour, and one that enriches our lives. Here is our bucket list of dreams, one that we hope to complete very soon!

  • Safari in South Africa

Daniel was brought up in South Africa, and would love to return. I would like to visit too, but unfortunately, as we are currently saving as much as we can, it doesn’t look like this will be a possibility in the near future. Travel to South Africa is very expensive. However, one day we will go, and when we do we will take full advantage of the amazing safari’s on offer. To see wild animals in their natural habitat is a dream.

  • Experience the Northern Lights

So easily said, but very difficult to plan. We know so many people who have made a special trip to see the Northern Lights, and haven’t been lucky enough to view them in all their glory. However, this natural phenomenon is a must see that had to make the list.

  • Horse riding in Wales

Seem out of place? Perhaps. I have loved horses since I was old enough to ride one, and I often dream of saddling up and trekking from room (and stable!) to room. It’s a dream that would also allow me to pretend to be in Lord of the Rings – very important. I follow a company on Instagram who offer this exact experience, through the Welsh countryside. It looks incredible. However, we just can’t afford it, so it’s a bucket list dream that has had to take a back seat for the time being.

  • Travel to Antarctica (brrr!)

Daniel is fascinated by the quests of Shackleton and Scott, and is often found reading about their experiences. We even have a bottle of the whiskey found in Shackleton’s Antarctic base. He would love to mirror their adventures and see what it’s like there. As for myself…I don’t love being cold, so it isn’t on my personal bucket list. However, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Daniel, so if I have to travel to a freezing place, I will.

  • See gorillas in Central Africa

Well who wouldn’t want to do this? Gorillas are an amazing animal and we want to see them in their natural habitat.

  • Visit the Grand Canyon (and gamble in Vegas on the way!)

This is a must see for most people, and if it involves a little gambling on the way in Las Vegas, well why not? Also, add into that seeing an Elvis lookalike.

  • Dive in The Great Barrier Reef

Daniel scuba dives and he loves it, so this has to be on the bucket list. To experience this renowned diving spot would be an incredible adventure.

  • Visit Petra

We would both love to visit this ancient city in southern Jordan – a real once in a lifetime goal.

  • Sing at a karaoke bar in Tokyo

Loving karaoke and having always wanted to visit Japan – there’s got to be one main thing I have to do in Tokyo! Hopefully this will happen in the next two years…best get deciding on that song list.

  • Visit New Zealand’s South Island

We planned on moving to New Zealand a couple of years ago, but then other things took over (PhD, promotion and property), but it hasn’t quelled our lust for the country. Everyone we have ever spoken to (who has been there) has said that New Zealand is incredible. Our plan is to hire a camper van and drive the country, and we would love to visit the South Island.

  • Drink from a coconut in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those places that I stare off into the distance and dream of, even though I have never been. My dreams have been formed by years of representation in films and books, and it seems like a paradise. And what do you do in paradise? You drink from coconuts, that’s right.


What’s on your travel bucket list?

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