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A Snapshot of New York

A snapshot of....

Here’s a snapshot I have wanted to write for a while, because New York is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world. Let’s go!

(Quick note – there is a plethora of information about NYC. This is written assuming that you already know that it would be awesome to go to the ‘Top of the Rock’ and that Williamsburg has great vintage shopping.)


When to Visit:

I have visited in April and September previously. The former is beautiful, because the air is starting to change. Winter has become spring, and you can bet on some sunshine, but definitely make sure that you take a coat and jumper with you too. September is also a wonderful time to visit, as the summer turns to fall, and the leaves in Central Park begin their chameleon change to autumnal. It depends on what you would like to do in the city, and to be honest, I’m a big lover of wandering the streets and exploring. Summer is too hot for this, winter is too cold. Where does that leave you? Spring and autumn!

How to Get Around:

While the New York underground is created to be easy way to manoeuvre yourself around the city, I have never found it that easy. First of all, there are no maps of the underground anywhere, which make it tricky to work out. Personally, I have preferred walking, and certainly, NYC is walkable – but get those comfy shoes on because it isn’t a small city!

Also, if you want to take a taxi, you won’t have any issues. They are everywhere. My advice? Don’t take an Uber. New York taxi drivers have invested as much as you might in a house on their taxi driver medallions, only for companies like Uber to come along and make them worthless. Anyway, taking a yellow cab is a very NYC thing to do!


Where to Stay:

There are plenty of very cool areas to stay in NYC, but if you are there for a few days only my advice would be to grab an AirBnB apartment in the Upper East Side. Close to Central Park and 5th Avenue, you can be within walking distance of all the great things to see. Upper East Side is a nice area, with lots of lovely places to eat. I suggest AirBnB because hotels in this area are expensive, and it’s much nicer to get an apartment so that you can experience staying in true New York style.

Don’t Miss:

A baseball game. Even if you are not a fan, there is nothing like watching the baseball, singing the songs, eating a (vegetarian) hot dog and washing it down with a cool beer. The rules are also fairly easy to pick up (think a fancier rounders), so you can cheer along with everyone else! It’s really an amazing experience. Head to Citi Field or Yankee Stadium. Don’t forget to take your ID with you, as they ID everyone for beer, no matter how many hairs are turning grey.

Citi Field Baseball NYC

Where to Eat:

You are not short of options in NYC, but a great meal was had at Chalk Point. They do fantastic vegetarian food, and you can order lots of little dishes and try many different options. Saying that, I have also enjoyed many bites to eat at various Italian restaurants in the Upper East Side, and loved a seafood meal at Flex Mussels.

Where to Drink Coffee:

Again, you won’t find it hard to find a good cup of coffee in NYC. I personally recommend Blue Bottle Coffee, who I enjoyed a delicious flat white from, and then went back to get some beans to bring home.

Market Day:

Head to Chelsea market or a mix of fantastic food, cocktails, and great craft items. It’s a very cool building that is open daily, until around 2.00am – so you have no excuse not to visit!

A Museum Not to Miss:

The Met, the Guggenheim, the Museum of Natural History…you have so much to see and so little time! Yes, go to all of those, they are not to be missed, but make sure that you make a little time for The Frick Collection too. An eclectic mix of artwork, displayed in the previous mansion home of a rich industrialist, this is a wonderful place to experience.

The Frick NYC

What are your favourite places in NYC to visit?

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