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Meal Ideas for a Single Burner Camping Stove

Meal Ideas for a Single Burner Camping Stove

When we travel we try to save money as much as we can, which means that during our recent French vineyard trip we took the single burner camping stove we had recently found in one of our parents shed, along the plastic plates and cutlery that were found alongside it (as a side note, these were about twenty years old, and the stove still worked! How pleasing).

We soon found out that we were quickly bored with our quick fix meals – after all, there is only so far that pasta and sauce can satisfy. We had to get a little creative, and wanted to share some ideas with you, in case you find that you are ever in the same situation!

Money Saving Staple Meals

Those money saving staples are the things that we require to exist, such as coffee. Get yourself an Italian espresso maker, they are perfect for a small stove, and you can make it as strong as you like. We delighted in cups of coffee every morning as soon as we woke.

Another staple is breakfast. We took a big bag of oats and a carton of soy milk (which never seems to go off – correct us if you know better), and made porridge for breakfast every morning. Having the ability to get up to breakfast and coffee is valuable indeed!

Other staple meals also include sandwich fillers that you know won’t go off, for example, peanut butter. Having a big jar of this will save you money in lunches. Just grab a beautiful baguette from the bakery, and fill away!

When You’re Fed Up of Plain Pasta

So, you’re a few days in and you are fed up of plain pasta, we hear you. You have a small stove, you’re outside – what can you cook? Here are some ideas:

Dumplings/Pot Stickers

Yes, it’s true! You only need one pot to cook these anyway. See our recipe on the homepage (you don’t have to make them from scratch though, there are fantastic dumplings sold in supermarkets). Just pop a bit of oil in, and stick those pot stickers right onto that pan until cooked. Delicious!

Courgette Risotto

Grab a courgette from the market and chop with onions and garlic, then pop into the pan. Fry these gently before you add a stock cube (you can bring these from home if you remember, and they can go great in stews and soups too) to a litre of water. Pop the rice in and add the stock water a little at a time, while stirring, until it has all been absorbed.

The other campers are going to look on enviously as you enjoy your fancy risotto dinner that you cooked using a one burner camping stove.

Butter Bean Stew

This is easy and tasty, and requires food you can bring from home with you or can find easily in a supermarket. Bring butter beans, chopped tomatoes, onion and peppers, and throw it all in a pan together. Leave it for around ten minutes to simmer. Next, add garlic and paprika, and season generally as desired. Stir again and leave for another ten minutes.

Serve with that crusty baguette you got from the local bakery – delicious.


Well, this will probably require the renting of a BBQ, or even the buying of one, and so isn’t a one stove delight – it’s just a good idea.


What are your single stove meals that are easy to make while camping?


3 thoughts on “Meal Ideas for a Single Burner Camping Stove”

  1. When we were building our boat and moved on to it whilst unfinished, I didn’t have a proper stove/oven for 18 months.

    Cooked all our meals (and dinners for guests) on a one-burner gas bottle ring. Curry is great but you need to alternate 2 pots (one for curry and one for rice). You can get pretty creative.

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog. 🙂

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