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That Bit In Between Travelling


There’s no point in pretending that anyone is able to travel at whim, all the time. That just doesn’t happen, unless you have a trust fund or something similar that allows you to do this. Even then, Rolt Potts makes a good point about this in his book ‘Vagabonding’:

‘To see the psychic importance of work, one need look no further than people who travel the world on family money…talk to them, and they’ll tell you they’re searching for something “meaningful.” What they’re really looking for, however, is the reason why they started travelling in the first place. Because they have never worked for their freedom, their travel experiences have no personal reference – no connection to the rest of their lives. They are spending plenty of time and money on the road, but they never spent enough of themselves to begin with. Thus, their experience of travel has a diminished sense of value.’

This is an interesting comment, and what really struck me about this was the idea of working for your freedom. Instagram is an amazing tool for travel inspiration, and there are a lucky few who earn money from their pages and travel on the back of this. However, to get there, they had to start somewhere…and that place was most likely in an office. So, what don’t you see when you are sitting on your lunch break staring at a photograph of someone twirling a straw on a Bali beach? You don’t see the years of toil, saving, and thrifty spending habits it took to reach that point.

At the moment we are saving for a big trip. Small trips for us mean Europe, and we would never go a year without travelling because it would make us miserable. We have talked about how we are saving money in the following blog (​6 Simple Tips for Saving Money for Travel), and it is not always easy. For example, I’m not buying clothes this year to save money and I had a major slip up with a handbag this week (not proud but trying not to beat myself up too much). You may be in the same position, saving, working and not currently being able to reap the benefits of this. Well, this is a blog post to say, hold on tight. You are doing this for something immeasurable, amazing and well worth your energy. One day it will be you on that beach in Bali, and you’ll be planning the next year of your endless travels without a care in the world. Others will be working behind desks and staring out of the window at carparks, wondering how on earth you could get so lucky. Then is the time to be honest and share you story;

‘We worked really, really hard, and every sunset we see made it worth it.’

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