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Our Guide to Haggling

Haggling is one of those things that you are expected to do on some occasions, and is massively offensive on others. So how do you get it right? Here are some of our tips for haggling that price from ‘Tourist’ to ‘Local’.

Confidence is Key

First of all, yes, you need to be confident enough to give it a go. It does take guts to haggle over an item, and you need to be able to stand your ground. Nervous? Head to a local car boot for practice. Haggling is common place and you will get to practice over a 20p difference in your own language, which may give you the edge that you need to try it for real.

Learn the Language

It can really help to have just a few key phrases of the language you are haggling in under your belt before you begin. Why? It’s polite! Make an effort, and you are more likely to get that deal you desire.

Understand the Currency and the Economy

What exactly are you haggling over? There is a line between getting a good deal and asking for more money off than is polite. Do a little research and find out exactly how much your longed for items are usually. Go and haggle armed with this information, so that you know exactly what a good deal is, and that you are paying a fair price to the seller.

The Walk Away

Oh, it is a powerful move. And, it’ll show you how realistic your price really is. I (Rachel) have walked away on occasion and had no one follow me. In fact, I’ve walked so far that I have ended up back at the hostel without anything but my change. Sometimes that happens, but more often than not, you will get a price negotiation. Remember, the seller won’t agree to something that is not worthwhile for them, and while your price should be polite and realistic, they know that you are not the only person wanting to buy. You both have something to offer here, so try walking away, and see what happens. You can always go back.

Offer Cash

Sellers are often more likely to offer a discount if you offer cash only, instead of paying on card. Obviously, if you were in a market you would most likely only be able to pay cash anyway, but this could give you a discount in a shop or shopping complex.

Don’t Ignore the Fixed Price Signs

Some things are fixed price, and they cost what they cost. If someone says this, has a sign, or refuses to haggle with you, that is that. Don’t be a jerk, either pay the money or leave. Haggling in this situation is offensive, and should definitely be avoided.

What are your haggling tips?




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