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Our Top Five Gift Ideas for Travel Bloggers

I have searched this many times recently, trying to gather ideas for Christmas presents, birthday gifts and one off treats for myself and Daniel alike. But, it’s hard to find a travel blogger gift guide, so I thought I would make my own and give anyone searching for the same some helpful hints!

1: A passport and document holder. This one, from Fossil, is beautiful (if not a little pricey), and you can get many similar that are cheaper. These are great not only for keeping items all together, but for those lovely Instagram shots!

2: A travelling themed mug! Yes, I love mugs…it’s become a bit of an obsession. The hardest thing to do as a travel blogger is sit still and save money, so make that saving all the sweeter by providing something that reminds the blogger of their dream.

3: A water purifier. These can make tap water in other countries safe, and can even make lake water okay to drink. That is an incredible gift to give to a traveller, and it means that you are helping them save money and travel time on buying water when away. 

4: A subscription to a travel magazine. It could be the Lonely Plant, or National Geographic Traveller. If your gift receiver is saving and needs inspiration, this will keep them marching toward their goal.

5: A travel log or notebook. For the travel blogger, remembering those moments in the written word is vital. Make it easy by providing a new travel log for them. (Ahem…we actually created one to celebrate our 1 year blogging anniversary – click here to have a look).

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