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Why Travel Blogging Goals are Important

Why setting travel blogging goals is important

We have found that travel blogging is not always easy. Even running a travel Instagram account can be difficult, finding the right hashtags aside. This is because of time. Our blog is a year old this month, and that means that there were five years of travelling before that where we got into the habit of taking photographs just for ourselves, and acknowledging travel tips to each other only. So, breaking the habit of it being ‘just us’ and maintaining a travel blog has meant re-evaluating our time.

Setting Posting Goals:

For Instagram, it is slightly easier. We post the minimum of three times a day. Why three? Well, we found that there are actually three times in a day when we would be on Instagram anyway, once in the morning, around lunchtime, and in the evening. Why not post during that time, as well as engaging with other travel accounts? Instagram for us is very much a way of sharing our blog, as well as our photographs.

Our goals for our blog used to be ‘As and When’. Well, that didn’t work. We found that we posted fewer and fewer posts and would keep saying to each other ‘Oh we must write that post about so and so tomorrow.’ Eventually, we realised that we needed some motivation and inspiration, so we went to a blogging conference. It is no exaggeration to say that it totally changed the way that we blog. We left motivated and encouraged, and decided to set clear posting deadlines. Now we post every Wednesday and every weekend. Has it increased traffic on our blog? Yes! Check out our stats below, it’s amazing how motivation can be seen in traffic:


So, when you are blogging, ask yourself, what are your travel blogging goals? How often do you want to post? How often do you want to promote that post?

Promotion is still an area that we struggle with. However, we recognise this – sometimes it is hard not to be humble online. We will often just post about a new blog post once on Instagram. Realistically, this isn’t ideal, but we are trying to break this habit also!

And when we are out and about, exploring a new city, we are now encouraging each other into the routine of posting and blogging. For example, when we were walking through the Roman amphitheatre in Plovdiv, I went ‘live’ on Instagram to share our experience. When were stuck outside our Airbnb, no host in sight, Daniel used that time to write a blog post. Small changes like this can make big differences to your travel blog. Set your goals and find that time!



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