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Can This Request Get You a Room Upgrade for Free?

Have you ever been given a room upgrade for FREE? We have…but it wasn’t by making this request that apparently can give you more space for the same amount of money.

First of all, what is the request?

‘Please may I have a corner room?’

Apparently, in a lot of hotels, the corner rooms offer more space for your money, so, they are not technically a room upgrade as such, but the guarantee of more space.

However, we have received room upgrades that are significant in our travelling time, most notably in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Here’s how we did it, and it probably won’t surprise you…

We were really friendly to the staff!

Yep, that’s it. When we arrived at Berjaya Times Square we were really excited, because it is rare that we go for a hotel and this one was city centre and had a swimming pool. We had actually booked it a year before, and so when we arrived, we were slightly disappointed to find that we had been given a twin room instead of a double. When we asked about this, they said that they were all booked up with a conference. It was late at night and we were jet lagged, our flight having been delayed in Istanbul airport for seven hours (there’s only so much a £5 voucher can entertain), so we took a deep breath and smiled. After asking if they could help us at all, we retired to our twin beds. We decided it wasn’t the worst thing to happen, after all, we were still in Malaysia and had some wonderful plans.

The next morning we ventured downstairs and bumped into the manager. He was very welcoming and we didn’t mention the room, chatting instead about our plans in the city. He asked us if we would like to attend an event that evening at the hotel. We love meeting new people so gladly accepted, and got all dressed up that evening. When we arrived, the manager organised some drinks and food for us and seemed so happy that we had attended. He told us to expect a phone call the next day. Well, we didn’t think too much of it, but that phone call came the next morning and we upgraded to a fancy suite on the other side of the hotel. Staff arrived to take our bags, and when we went into the room, there was a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates waiting for us, with a note thanking us for attending the event.

It was a real surprise for us to get an upgrade simply by being ourselves, but it is a lesson in itself. A smile and a chat can go a long way – so if you try the first tip and ask for a corner room, do it with a grin and see what happens!

Have you ever received a room upgrade for free?

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