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You Need to Read These 3 Books to Inspire your Next Adventure!

Where does inspiration for travel come from? Sometimes we are inspired by a photograph, the price of a plane ticket (that one more than often for us!), or it could even be a work of fiction. I (Rachel) have just finished reading The Miniaturist (recommended, by the way – click here to read more about it), and am now desperate to re-visit Amsterdam, the city in which the story was set.

But, with so much to see in the world, and so many beautiful places to explore, how on earth (literally) are you going to decide where to visit next? Here are three books that are bound to help you – they inspire us all the time!

1: Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures

We trust Lonely Planet, and have nothing but love for them and their wonderful advice. This book is a veritable mine of information, and it is packed with adventures to suit every type of person. From cage diving with great white sharks in Australia to Skiing in Canada, there are options that will make your heart race, and others that will make you go ‘Yeah, that sounds nice’ (like hugging a tree in England).

Click here to learn more.

2: Atlas Obscura by Foer, Thuras, and Morton.

The ‘Explorers Guide to the Worlds Hidden Wonders’ is an incredible read. Not only will it tell you about the most interesting parts of the world, but it will inform you of must see marvels that will have you booking your next ticket. From unusual and fantastical sights such as the Boab Prison Tree, to the spirit houses of Alaska, this book will give you so much ammunition for adventures.

Click here to learn more. 

3: Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

Slightly different to the previous two suggestions, this book is a journey in itself, and will leave you feeling inspired to travel and motivated to do what you love. In our opinion, that’s exactly what a good travel book should do, so this comes highly recommended from us.

Click here to learn more. 

What are your top travel reading suggestions?

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