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Could the Perfect Shot Ruin your Perfect Trip?

Ah travelling with a photographer. There are pros and cons. On one hand, you have incredible photographs that you can enjoy for years after an adventure, and on the other, you can end up standing around for hours waiting for your photographing friend to get that ideal shot.

You may have noticed that we don’t always put photographs of ourselves on our blog or Instagram. In fact, this is something we have only began to do at all recently. There are many beautiful shots of travellers walking away/toward an iconic sight on social media, and sometimes we would just rather put that iconic sight in the line of fire, instead of us. If you see a photograph of me (Rachel) walking away from the camera, you can believe that this is not staged. It’ll be me trying to move us on from a location, desperate to explore more, while Daniel lingers over a flower. Don’t get me wrong – I love Daniel’s photos and his photography is always a treat, but sometimes his commitment to a photo means that I’m done exploring long before him! So, here are some tips for finding patience with your photograph loving travelling chum:

Find Your Own Niche:

Daniel does the majority of our photography, and I do the majority of the travel writing. Sharing the workload and splitting the roles of a travel blogger works well for us, and though it does mean we are busy at different times, it gives us the chance to explore our own niche. While Daniel is taking  photographs, if I’m done exploring, I’ll often sit and write down some ideas, or even have a go at my sharpening my own photography skills. This helps me find the patience to wait until he’s finished!

Join In!

If you have a great idea for a photo, join in and get involved! Share your idea and help to set the scene. Sometimes we’ll be walking and I’ll spy a beautiful moment – the first thing I do is show it to Daniel. 

Grab a Coffee:

Is it time to sit down and take a break, but your photographing friend is busy with their talent? It’s fine to check out for a bit and meet them later. Giving them time to explore their skill and find an amazing shot is a worthy gift, so don’t be afraid to give it. 

To summarise – don’t let finding the perfect shot ruin your perfect trip!

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