When Airbnb Goes Wrong…

We’ve written previously about a sightly dodgy AirBnB experience in Barcelona. I’m now sitting outside a pre booked apartmebt in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We are sat on the floor, with the host’s phone turned off, and a lovely local beer beating at the gates of my second penile sphincter.

What to do when your host doesn’t show up? Try, try and try again. Messages, phone calls – anything to try and get through! We’ve done some series door bell buzzing over the last hour to try and find the apartment we should be staying in (and I should be relieving my poor bladder in). However, to no avail. Failing that, contact AirBnB directly. If your host doesn’t show, they will make you wait an hour to make sure that they aren’t coming and then help to source you a new place to stay (Rach is already looking for a new apartment). Just a word of warning, AirBnB make you wait 1 hour from when you contacted them. So don’t be a martyr. If they don’t stay in contact, phone up straight away and start the clock ticking. 

Halfway through the last sentence and quite by chance, the host’s brother walked out of the building. We asked him about and AirBnB and he said he’s been sitting upstairs the whole time waiting for a call from his sister (who has her phone turned off). Long story short, we’re now in, bladders relieved and with a couple of lessons learnt in the last hour and a half. If you are going somewhere abroad and the host gives you a number with a local area code, make sure to get an alternative contact for when you arrive as it’s likely that a friend/relative will be opening the door to you. If you can’t get in contact with the host quickly, contact AirBnB right away and get the ball moving on your contingency plan. Finally, keep calm and try and see the funny side. It sucks to be losing part of your hard earned break to incompetence but at least you might get a poorly written blog post out of it.

3 thoughts on “When Airbnb Goes Wrong…”

  1. Good to know. We are staying at our first Airbnb in the husband’s hometown in England this summer. No idea what to expect. I personally love all the pubs and bed-n-breakfasts you can stay at in England, and we will be staying at plenty of those, but the husband has wanted to try an airbnb for a while, so we’re giving it a try.


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