Travel Tips

What’s In Our Travel Bag?

Hello, fancy taking a sneak peek inside our travel bag? These are the items we carry around day to day, when sightseeing and mooching around new cities.


Well, you could have guessed this one. If you follow us on Instagram (if you don’t, please do! @travellingwriters) you’ll know that we love to share our travel photographs. We do use the cameras on our phones, but we also use our Nikon D3300 and others for snapping up those wonderful memories.


This is the most useful part of the bag. Yes, it’s handy when protecting yourself from the sun and cold winds, but the thing it’s most useful for? Covering up when going into religious venues. The majority of these venues will not let you in if you have bare shoulders, so having something to put around you will give you access to beautiful architecture that you do not want to miss.


Covering up from the sun / hiding those travel bags beneath your eyes. Essential.

Playing Cards

Long train journeys can be arduous and you may not always fancy reading, so getting starting on a game of Slam (the most fun and competitive card came there is, in our opinion) will help that journey fly by.

Pen and Journal

We’re travel bloggers! Of course this is an essential part of the bag. This is ideal for jotting down not just directions and things that we need to remember, but also for noting down senses. There is nothing like the senses to evoke a memory. If you pass a bakery in a small town in Italy, and the scent of freshly baked bread hits your nose as the sun creeps from behind a cloud, write that down quickly. Years later, you can re-read that and re-experience it.

Charcoal and Sketchbook

Photographs are one thing, but nothing beats sitting down and committing sight to sketchbook. We love charcoal because it is so forgiving, shapes and edges can be shifted and changed. Drawing is one of our favourite things to do together.

Battery Pack

Keeping a fully charged battery pack in the bag means that we don’t need to worry about running out of battery on our phones or cameras, which means no missed photo opportunities.

Mosquito Repellent

You never know when you need to top up on repellent, or which area of a city might unexpectedly be mosquito packed. This is just good sense (as is taking sun lotion!).

What’s in your travel bag?

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