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How to Survive Long Haul Flights

How to Survive Long Haul Flights

Long distance flights can be fun, honestly! We have been on many, and we are here to tell you some of our tips for not only taking them in your stride, but doing so in comfort (note: we’re not talking about business or first class here, we would only ever buy seats on the cheap row).

Where You Sit is Vital:

Usually on a long haul flight you have roughly three sections of the plane where you can sit. Our tip? Sit by the window on either side. Not only do you get the view, but often you will also get a nice two seater. We don’t like paying extra for seats together, but to be honest, on a long distance flight sitting next to your partner or friend can make a huge difference in comfort (plus you can use them as a pillow).

If you are on a double decker plane, try to get a seat on the second deck. Not only is there much more leg space, but also that’s usually where first class is. This means that you often get the same level of service as those in first class, for a fraction of the cost. And, once I (Rachel) snuck into the first class toilet when the economy one had a queue and it was very fancy. So there’s that, too.

Pre-Order Veggie Food:

Might seem obvious but if you have a food requirement try and book it when you book the flights. We have accidentally left it too late on a couple of occasions, and had to eat the food around the meat. Not a good time in the air.

If You Like a Gin, Choose the Right Airline:

A lot of airlines give out free drinks now, and that can really be a treat when in the air. Enjoying a nice cool gin and tonic before dinner or a glass of merlot with your meal makes the whole flight experience seem like a holiday. And for free? Yes please, we’ll have another.

Movie Time:

We know, we know, you thought that you would spend the flight time doing something useful like finishing that bit of work that’s been hanging over your head, but then you saw that the plane has about fifty movies that you missed at the cinema. Flight time to us is like free time. You are already doing something, you’re travelling somewhere, so you don’t have to use that time for something else if you don’t want. Give in and watch Pride, Prejudice and Zombies again. Oh, but remember…

Take Your Own Earphones:

Flight earphones are rubbish. The volume is never quite right. Do yourself a kindness, and take your own.

Blankets and Pillows:

We find that the neck support pillows you can buy are not right for us, but if you enjoy them, make sure you pack them. Also, take a big scarf that doubles as a blanket. If the plane hasn’t provided them, you can snuggle up and get some rest. A nice warm pair of socks is great too, and can make all the difference when trying to catch some zzzz’s.

Stay Hydrated:

It might sound like a simple one but a huge bottle of water bought just before you get on the flight will make you much more comfortable. Aeroplanes are full of dry air, and sometimes all you want is some refreshment. Because of that, it’s nice to take face wipes too, to make yourself feel cleaner and more awake at the end of the flight.

Prep and Charge:

Get all of your devices charged up before you go, so you don’t have to fret when that podcast stops suddenly, or your Kindle turns off during an exciting chapter.

Travelling Home:

It goes without saying that on the way home you are not going to feel as positive and amazing as you did on your flight to wherever you were originally going (unless of course, you didn’t want to go and you feel homesick – if so check out: How to Battle Feeling Homesick). But spend this time reminiscing, talking, and writing about all of your amazing adventures. This is a great time to get that next travel blog post written, while it’s all still fresh in your mind.


What are your tips for surviving a long flight?



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