Travel Advice

Our Advice for Keeping Belongings Safe While Travelling

It can happen to us all, you’re travelling and enjoying an adventure when suddenly you realise that your purse is missing. Here is some advice from us (in handy bullet point format!):

  • Choose the right backpack.

The backpacks that we use open from the section against our back. You cannot access the contents unless the bag is not on our backs. This puts our mind at rest when in busy areas (though is a pain when you need something quickly). Do your research when embarking on your travels – there are lots of safe options out there.

  • Keep an eye out for each other.

We watch the other’s back and make sure that if anything unusual is happening the other person is awake. Daniel has nudged me awake before on a train when a man decided to sit on the seat next to our bags when the rest of the train was empty. Being awake and chatting to each other was enough to make him get up and move!

  • Keep your important belongings on you – especially when sleeping in public.

We all fall alseep on trains, it’s unavoidable, especially when the journey is long. However, I have woken to a man trying to take my purse from under my head before, and slept next door to a couple who were robbed of their passports during an evening on a train. It’s fine to fall alseep, but make sure you have a good hold of your bag before you do, or even wrap the strap around your wrist/ankle so that you’ll wake up if it moves.

If you are in a cabin on a train and it is full, keep your foot against the door while you sleep. If anyone opens the door, you’ll wake up. They may just be checking for extra seats, but it’ll give you peace of mind that you have your belongings.

We have been in the situation where we had nowhere to sleep at all, and so slept on a beach in Ventimiglia, Italy. That night we slept on our belongings to keep them safe, and as soon dawn arrived, we moved on.

  • Hold tight and use straps.

Use the straps on your camera and if you feel uneasy about someone, hold onto your belongings around them. In Rome a group of teenagers jumped onto our train and tried to grab the shopping bags of a tourist near the door. He kept his cool, held tight, and managed to push the boy away. The boy saw that he wasn’t going to win and let go, jumped off the train before the doors closed and the man continued with his bags in tow. We saw the same teens later on that day at another station, and avoided them. Remember a face!

What are your tips? Let us know!

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