Travel Tips

Handy Travel Hacks 

Despite list writing and careful packing you can safely assume that there will be at least one travel hack needed each trip. Here are some of our tried and tested hacks to make your life easier:

  • You’re dealing with mosquito bites

Being bitten by mosquito’s is at least very irritating and can stop you sleeping. A lot of places will sell the repellent, but for some reason, we have always struggled finding something to stop that incessant itching…until…TOOTHPASTE was discovered. This is a game changer. Put toothpaste over the bite and it works immediately and for hours.

Out of toothpaste? Try a dry soap bar – it works, but not as well.

  • You need to do an emergency clothes wash

No money for the laundry machines or out of travel hand wash? Soap and shampoo work too. You’ll just need to find somewhere to hang the clothes.

  • Your travelling partner just got off the train before you and the doors closed…

Well, maybe this is a bit niche, but we know so many people this has happened to and it’s also happened to us. Always have an agreement in place prior to travel. Our agreement is that if we get split up we’ll meet at the designation we were already headed to. This means that there doesn’t have to be any confusion or time wasting – and once you’re together again you can carry on as normal.

  • You’ve run out of bottled water

In Europe we drink water from the tap, but in Asia it is bottled water only for us. Run out of bottled water? Boil a kettle and let it cool. You can also buy fantastic bottles that filter the water for you (some even make lake water drinkable), so if this is something you’re concerned about, it might be worth investing in one. 

  • It’s raining, it’s pouring…

And you don’t want to carry a raincoat around the world with you. Well, fret not, because now you can get biodegradable rain ponchos! Rain ponchos are much better in our opinion, because not only are they smaller and easier to fit into a backpack, but they cover your backpack too.
Do you have any travel hacks you would like to share? Let us know!

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