Travel Tips

Don’t Leave Home Without…

What are our must have travel items? Let’s do this!

  • Hand travel wash (ideal for sink laundry – vital for any long trip on a budget)
  • Ear plugs and eye mask (block out the noise and light/ sleep through jet lag/ get a break from your travel partner)
  • Camel back (litres of water carried on your back – no annoying bottles and environmentally friendly)
  • Poncho (this was Daniel’s choice… Lightweight, easy to carry, will go over you and your backpack)
  • Notebook (directions, recommendations, doodles, games of hangman…endless entertainment on long journeys)
  • Powerbank / universal adapter (charging on the go)
  • Camera (obviously. Come on.)
  • Mosquito repellent and sunblock (staying safe and stinky)
  • Pack of cards (learn the rules of Slam and practice your smack talk)
  • Book / kindle (having time to read is half the joy of travel)
  • Hand sanitiser and tissues (especially if in Asia. I’m talking squat toilet issues.)
  • Travel insurance print out.

Nice to have but not essentials:

  • Sandwiches (always peanut butter – cheese will not last in your bag)
  • Coffee
  • Dry bag
  • Headphones (Rachel does not think that this is an essential item so has put it here but Daniel disagrees and is not happy about this.)
  • Spare camera battery and SD card (this is way too organised. We don’t do this)
  • Emergency credit card.
  • Hip flask.

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