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Collect Moments, Not Things

Collect moments, not things…


It’s a great saying, and part of the reason our relationship is successful is because we have great moments together that we can call back to for years to come. I once read that this was the secret to a happy relationship, and certainly, it works for us.

But, we do collect things too. How could we not? We go to so many beautiful places that we like to have those little items that remind us of a special moment. We went through a stage of collecting miniatures from every place we went to. They’re so special that we never open them to drink them. That’s a shame, at least. We don’t often look at them, either. We also have a bottle of wine from France that has been sat in the wine rack for about three years. We can’t seem to decide on a time that is special enough to crack it open. Even completing my PhD wasn’t a special enough time for that beautiful bottle. I hope though, one day, the time will present itself and the taste of that deep red liquid will pull us back into a moment of pure happiness.

Perhaps that’s why we take photographs, all of us. Things can be special and remind us of moments, but we so often pass them by in our everyday lives. Photographs can be shared more readily, and this is what has been so wonderful for us starting this account. Sharing our photographs with a community of people who think alike and enjoy travelling has warmed our hearts. It hasn’t only given us the pleasure of community spirit, the joy of seeing others travelling photographs, but it has also given us the opportunity to pore over our memories, to pick apart our images from past and present. We only started Travelling Writers six days ago, and we’re loving every moment of it, from saying hi to other travellers, to remembering those moments that we’ve been lucky enough to collect.


Everything from the above is true. So far, the best thing about this blog has been looking through our photos and remembering moments we’ve shared.

Though I love collecting things (I am currently the proud owner of a number of miniature jams that I’ve taken from hotel breakfasts), we’re increasingly seeing the importance of decluttering and making sure that we prioritise what is important to us.

This, most recently, has taken the form of completely de-cluttering our flat. We’ve taken the time to save the small things that remind us of the good times but been brutal is discarding what we don’t need. The best point of this is that decluttering can be turned into cold hard cash (though sometimes just change).

Holidays and travel are our main priority and with this in mind we took a critical eye to our home and started packing up the car with glorious trinkets for a car boot sale! We’ve done this a few times now and it is a great way to pay for a couple of extra meals out or to make sure that your travel insurance is sorted before your next adventure.

We would highly recommend the car boot sale route for any prospective travellers but, do be warned, money at a car boot takes on a totally different value to money in the rest of the world and, if you’re not willing to sell old t-shirts and jeans for £1, definitely take the time to ebay the more valuable items!

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